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New Tires

Whether you’re looking to buy tires by vehicle, size, brand, or driving conditions, Crest Tires is the real deal. Our team of auto care professionals can help you find tires that are right for your car and the demands of your drive. While it’s true the life of a set of tires will vary depending on usage, temperature changes, sun exposure, storage conditions, and maintenance scheduling, a new set of tires should last you years and reflect your own individual needs.

Used Tires

Opting to save money and buy used tires should not mean settling for defects, punctures, or serious tread-wear. At Crest Tires, we hold our inventory to a higher standard and only carry serviceable used tires with plenty of tread life left in them. The fact is, sometimes you don’t need to replace all your tires (blowouts happen to the best of us, after all). Sometimes you just need one tire. If you reside in northwest Texas and find yourself in that position, just remember Crest Tires!

Custom Wheels

It’s important to note, any vehicle will have a range of wheel/tire diameter sizes of several inches that will fit properly. A true professional will help outline the vast array of choice in a manageable way. At Crest Tires, we’re determined to tailor your custom wheels to looks and performance. To find wheel and tire packages that are compatible with your vehicle, we start by taking note of wheel diameter, tire width, and tire aspect ratio. From there, it’s all about your own personal preference!

About us

Those in the market for new wire wheels, new tires, or used tires, do yourself a favor and check out Crest Tires in Lubbock, the real deal for wheels! At Crest Tires, we know that choosing custom wheels is about more than good looks, although (let’s be honest) appearances certainly do factor in. Whether you’re after better acceleration and cornering or you just want the chillest look possible, Crest Tires in Lubbock has the inventory and expertise to get you exactly what you’re looking for!

When it comes to wheels, Crest Tires is the real deal .     

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